Abandoned Places

Taken Back By Nature Series - My Favorites- Splendid China Amusement Park

Welcome to the very first Taken back by nature series. I love finding these images all over the web and wanted to share my finding with you. There is something so amazingly haunting about seeing places that were so vibrant with life at one point now taken back by the world around it. Amusement parks – They are fun and sometimes educational places for children and adults alike. I have many

3 Ways for Families to Celebrate Nature

FamilyFun magazine (familyfunmag.com), a trusted, go-to source for travel recommendations and family activities for more than 20 years, has released a special “Get Outdoors” themed issue and has partnered with the National Wildlife Federation on great ideas to help families spend more time in nature. The “Let’s Get Outdoors!” feature story appears in the June/July issue of the magazine, on newsstands June 5 includes dozens of ideas ranging

Bring Nature into Your Home with The Green Lamp by Siesta

Bring nature into your home with the Green Lamp from Siesta Studio, it not only bring light into your home but it also acts as a trellis. © http://www.siestastudio.com/ © http://www.siestastudio.com/ How It Works from Siesta Studio website: Unique combination of lamp and flower pot, where you can plant whatever…

4 Great Nature Walking Holidays in Europe

Mother Nature provides some of the most stunning visual entertainment available. Understanding how important it is to protect this natural resource is to appreciate it. There is no better location in the world than The United Kingdom. The latest in vacation getaways is a Walking Holiday and this part of…

Nature Walk

These two are in my yard so much I thought that they deserved a post. My kids love seeing the cranes walking through the yard…the dogs not so much. They usually visit in the morning or late in the evening. We have had so much rain in the last few…

New Pinterest Finds Board | Loved By Nature

I have always loved the way man-made items looked once nature has taken it over or how people incorporate their own lives with nature. This is what my Pinterest inspired board is about and I would love to share them with you. Follow this board and my others on Pinterest…

Disney Nature | Chimpanzee Set To Open Earth Day 2012

I cannot wait until this comes out! Just from watching the trailer it looks like Disneynature (along with the help of the Jane Goodall institute) has yet another great on their hands and just in time for Earth Day. Disneynature takes moviegoers deep into the forests of Africa with “Chimpanzee,”…