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“Danger Will Robison!” A phrase that many folks have uttered. Lost in space was a vision created by Irwin Allen. The story line was of a family who where to be a space colony. Once they headed for the stars, there happened to be a spy aboard who ended up swaying the robinson family off course. Wikipedia describes it best:

On October 16, 1997, 30 years into the future in 1967, the United States is about to launch one of history’s great adventures: man’s colonization of deep space. The Jupiter 2, called Gemini 12 in the pilot episode, a futuristic saucer-shaped spaceship, stands on its launch pad undergoing final preparations. Its mission is to take a single family on a five-and-a-half-year journey – stated as 98 years in the pilot episode – to a planet of the nearby star Alpha Centauri. The pilot episode refers to the planet itself as Alpha Centauri, which space probes reveal possesses ideal conditions for human life. The Robinson family was selected from among two million volunteers for this mission. The family includes Professor John Robinson, played by Guy Williams, his wife, Maureen, played by June Lockhart, their children, Judy (Marta Kristen), Penny (Angela Cartwright), and Will (Billy Mumy). They will be accompanied by their pilot, U.S. Space Corps Major Donald West (Mark Goddard), who is trained to fly the ship. Otherwise, the Robinsons and West will be in freezing tubes for the voyage; with the tubes opening when the spacecraft approached its destination. Unless there was a problem with the ship’s navigation or guidance system during the voyage, West would only take the controls during the final approach to and landing on the destination planet while the Robinsons would strap themselves into contour couches on the lower deck for the landing.

Other nations are racing to colonize space, and they would stop at nothing, not even sabotage, to thwart the United States effort. Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris), a psychologist and environmental control expert, is also a foreign secret agent. He reprograms the Jupiter 2’s B-9 environmental control robot, voiced by Dick Tufeld, to destroy critical systems on the spaceship eight hours after launch. Smith is trapped aboard at launch and his extra weight throws the Jupiter 2 off course, causing it to encounter a meteor storm. This plus the robot’s rampage causes the ship to become lost.

The Robinsons are often placed in danger by Smith, whose self-centered actions and laziness endanger the family. In the second and third seasons, Smith’s role assumes a less evil overtone – although he continues to display many character defects. In “The Time Merchant”, Smith travels back in time to the day of the Jupiter 2 launch, with hope of changing his fate. He learns that without his weight altering the ship’s course, it would be destroyed by an uncharted asteroid. In an act of redemption, Smith elects to re-board the ship, thus saving Major West and the Robinsons’ lives.



As the show moves on, the family’s B9  robot becomes notorious in warnings for danger as most every episode found a new danger the family would have to overcome. Even though I was not yet born when this show was originally aired, I did catch many of the reruns through the years. Most of us SyFy Geeks have enjoyed at least one episode of “Lost In Space”. One group of folks have taken it to the extreme.



Meet B9 Robot Builders Club. The video below is an interview by Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy, as he welcomes his guest Jeff Boudin. Jeff is a member of the B9 Club. This club is a Co Op for builders of the “Lost In Space” B9 Robot.


The B9 Robot Builders Club has built a working version of the TV series B9. As explained in the video with Leo Laporte, The original “robot” was actually only a suite. Bob May was the actor inside of the original robot. The B9 Robot Builders Club took the B9 to another level. There passion is to actually build a working version of the B9. If you love building robots, or want to get into it, depending on your skill level, here is a club that you may be able to joint to get started.

Check out the B9 Robot Builders Club, Click HERE!

For More from Leo Laporte, Visit The Tech Guy Labs, Click HERE!

Good luck and Happy Robot Building.

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