Thinking Ahead: City Break Exploring With Your Friends

In the modern age, more and more people are learning that the once humble city break retreat isn’t so humble anymore. Rather than jet-setting and flying abroad, why not get together with your close group of friends and go out to explore a city in your own country that you’ve never seen before. Not only do you have the peace of mind that you’re in your own country where you know all the laws, fit the culture like a glove, don’t need to worry about currency exchange rates but you’re also too far from home. All these circumstances make for a delightful trip where there’s no nagging voice in the back of your mind. However, just like all trips, you have to get going on the right foot, and this means planning. Here are some things you should at least consider before venturing off into a strange and inspiring city.

Transport reliance or freedom?

The age-old question when traveling with a bunch of friends; is it easier to just catch the local public transport or spread your wings and go it alone? Indeed it would be easier to catch a train, then a tram or bus to wherever you guys want to go, but that means waiting around. When you’re waiting, you’re not moving, and when that’s happening, you’re wasting time. All the better then you can learn more about tapered financial and lease deals for cars that were made for the city break such as the Mazda CX-9. Easily seating five people and housing their luggage comfortably in the trunk, this sort of care is your classic bang for buck drive which is great on gas mileage, has reliable handling, easy to use driver assistance technology and built-in satellite navigation to help you find all the sights you want to visit.

Health consciousness

Like the mother hen, someone has to take charge of safety concerns. Don’t get carried away with the excitement of being with your best friends and exploring an open city before you have ticked off certain criteria. Make sure you have everyone’s key medical dysfunctions written down or at least memorized. Make it a priority to take with you, your own first aid kit. You might be on the side of a mountain on a windy pass, or on the highway when something goes wrong. Keep it in the car or put it in your backpack so it’s never too far from your hands. Be mindful that all those that have certain conditions, also bring along with them their individual medication such as tablets, inhalers, insulin injections, eye drops, rash creams etc.

Emergency details

One more thing that will surely excite all your friends is to make sure they have given you their emergency contact requests. If anyone is hurt or lost and they somehow cannot reach you, for example, if they lose their mobile phone, have a third party on hand. This could be their parents, intimate partner and or children. This way even if you cannot contact them directly, you can inform their loved ones and make sure everything is okay.

Thinking ahead and planning the trip for every eventuality can and should be done way in advance. It can be tiresome and sometimes suck the fun out the room, but it’s necessary because all too often being ill-prepared leads to disaster and the fun comes to a stop.


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