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Tis the Season to Beware Of Seasonal Calamities On The Road

Here it comes; looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas throughout the United States even in the upper parts of Florida. It’s a strange time of the year because there’s always an even split of people who are engaged in fight or flight. Some people don’t mind sticking it out and enjoying this holiday season at home in the cold; others just can’t wait to fly to a warmer climate. This is why, just like the train station, the airports and the ports, the roads are jam packed with traffic. When you’re on a road trip or travelling by car to go see relatives and enjoy family time at another house, driving can be fraught at this time of year. There are so many accidents every single day. No matter how advanced technology gets, a good driving mind with heightened awareness and senses will be the first and best line of defence against harm. Here are some seasonal concerns on the road that you should be aware of.

Hard frozen slush and black ice

Source Ruth Hartnup

Slipping and sliding isn’t random

Before you set off on your trip, take a deep breath and own up to the responsibility of being prepared for the road. It’s a wonder why so many cars aren’t changed somehow for the colder temperatures and dangers of ice, sleet and snow. Therefore, first off you must buy some winter tyres, do not compromise by buying all-weather tyres. You’ll see that the harder rubber and deeper grooves will make the car stand a little taller, but that’s a good thing in winter. Metal studded tyres are the best kind of winter accessory for the car, but they limit your speed which means your trip will take longer. Be aware of black ice as it’s easy to mistake the road as being wet when actually there is a thin but strong layer of ice.

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Prepare to be rear-ended

One of the most common causes of whiplash is being hit in the rear by another car on the road. Be aware that even if you’re a good driver, this doesn’t mean that everyone else is. The injury is a horrible moment, which is why you should have on hand a car accident lawyer, to begin with. You’re entitled to file a suit against negligent and stupid drivers, who may be on their phone while driving in the treacherous conditions, not thinking ahead by going to fast or whatever the reason. This type of lawsuit helps to pay for medical bills and if you have been forced to stay home from a job because of your unableness to work with injuries. The first form of defence is to keep checking your mirrors, and brake slowly and gradually way in advance of stopping. This gives a chance for the driver behind to realize you’re slowing down and not carry on the same pace.

The two biggest concerns for winter driving is having an accident by yourself or being hit by another driver. Black ice takes no prisoners, and so winter tyres made specifically for this kind of weather are the best option. Silly and negligent drivers come out of the woodwork much more often as blizzards and snowfall begin to take hold so protect yourself using the law.

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