Roadside Adventures | 5 Places to Visit Off the Beaten Path

Welcome to the first of our Roadside Adventures series!

Halloween is here and why settle for the usual trick or treating and take the family on a real adventure or do both! These are my top 5 favorite places that are off the beaten path! I will say that some may not be suitable for young children but that it totally at the discretion of you as a parent. So let’s get started…

1. Spook Hill – Lake Wales, FL

Spook Hill, located in Lake Wales. FL  is the spot that is said to ‘defy gravity.’ You go and park your car in neutral and your car will start to roll backward up the hill. This is also an excellent educational experience if you don’t believe the legend. I have this on my list of places to take the kids before Halloween since it is only a 2-hour drive from my house.

Click here for more information

2. The Museum of Death – Los Angeles, CA and a new location in New Orleans

WARNING!!! This place is NOT for young kids but that is entirely up to you as a parent.

Once again another Halloween day trip. This macabre museum opened in the 90s and holds the largest collection of serial killer artwork, crime scene photos and even the severed head of Henri Landru. Ew right! The museum may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s yours and you go, please feel free to send me any photos you take and I will be happy to put them on the blog. Here is a short video about the museum:


Click here for more information and to get tickets (if you dare)

3. The Weeki Wachee Mermaid Show – Spring Hill, FL

This one I hold near and dear to my heart. I have been going to the Mermaid Show since I was ten years old and it is something that I have been taking my kids to for a while. Their Halloween show was cute, a little corny in some areas but perfect for kids! They offer trick or treating the area for the kids and adorable Halloween shows and not too scary ‘scare zones.’

For more info and for tickets click here

4. The Warrens’ Occult Museum – Monroe, CT

If you are familiar with the paranormal and the people who search for the signs of the paranormal, then you may have heard of the husband and wife investigating team Ed and Lorraine Warren. They have been hunting what goes bump in the night since the 50s, and they have their museum full of creepy and supposedly haunted items they have found over the years, and I believe provided by others who want to rid their homes of spirits that might be attached to these objects. Here is a video about the Museum and what inspired the movie the Conjuring:


5. The Bell Witch Cave – Adams, TN

One of the scariest stories of a haunting (in my opinion) is the one about the Bell Witch. According to the legend, in the 1800’s an evil witch began terrorizing the Bell Family on their farm in Tennessee. She scratched one of the Bell daughters, beat another member of the family moved objects, made eerie noises throughout the home and blamed for the death of John Bell (the father).

The Bell Witch Cave is supposedly the cave where the witch lived and was even said to help young children that made their way into the cave system. Today tours of the cave and the farm and from what I am finding many people have taken pictures of strange sights while exploring the cave from apparitions, odd rock formations that looks like a person and orbs (most likely dust – thank you Ghost Hunters).

Visit their website for more information and pricing

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