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Travel Gear | Acme Made Divisadero Traveler Backpack Review

So I have had a LOT of travel gear over the years and I have always tried to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the gear I use for urban exploring, heading to conferences and events I usually travel with quite a bit of gear:

  • iPad
  • Macbook
  • Camera
  • Battery Backup
  • Business Cards
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Snacks for the kids
  • Blood Sugar Kit

That is by all means NOT a complete list and it changes depending on where we go. I have heard of the Acme Made brand for a while so I was really excited to check out their latest traveler backpack Divisadero.

What I look for in a good backpack

If you follow along on our Instagram page, we rarely know what we will find on a drive to having a durable backpack is a MUST! We usually plan to ahead to head out and see what we find once we hit the road, but we never know what we will find.

Pockets and then some more pockets. Seeing the list of items above having a place for everything and everything in its place helps to keep my stuff organized even if our road trips are not always organized. I still want to make sure I have everything I need regardless of where I am heading.

Lastly but just as important, comfortable. I have always had a love hate relationship with backpacks from elementary school to today. I was born with a fused vertebrae in my neck so I have to be super careful with how these bags pull and tug on neck and shoulders.

Notice I did not mention cost? While trust me I am thrifty, if I don’t have to break the bank on something I won’t BUT if it meets the above criteria and the quality is there then I am willing to pay a bit out of my comfort zone.

So how does the new traveler backpack by Acme Made stack up?

So the first thing I noticed about the backpack before even moving one zipper is how well it is made, from the thick outer material to the clips keeping the backpack closed with a full zipper underneath which is where you get to the inside of the bag.


Overall Feelings – A lot good and some bad.

The Good

  • So a lot is going on in favor of this backpack, the cushioning on the back was great! I had a bunch of stuff packed into this bag while covering the Disney Dreamers Academy in Orlando.
  • It was able to fit everything, and I mean everything (2 MacBooks, two chargers, camera and more) into this backpack. There are three cushioned areas on the back of this bag that kept me from feeling the bulkiness of the items I was carting around with me.
  • I was a little thrown by the buckles on the front of the bag, but I grew to enjoy them because they add a level of security to the bag. Same with the hidden pockets, so if anyone were coming up behind me would have to work to get to what I am carrying.

So as you can see if does meet a lot of what I expect in a backpack. Here are the specs for the Divisadero:

  • Easy to access zipper pulls 
  • Front flap pocket provides quick access to small essentials with aluminum hooks for quick, silent and secure closure.
  • Three exterior front pockets – top pocket is plush lined for glasses or cellphone.
  • Dedicated padded and quilted laptop pocket with suspension. Fits most 17″ laptops 
  • Padded tablet pocket holds most 10” devices – attached to laptop panel.
  • Side access hidden zipper reveals quilted, padded storage laptop compartment.
  • Exclusive low-profile organizational panel keeping pens, business cards and other necessities easily accessible. 
  • Collapsible side pockets have ample space for large water bottles 
  • Multi-panel back cushioning provides comfort and ventilation with lumbar smugglers pocket.
  • Adjustable sternum strap 
  • 21 liter capacity 

The Not So Good/What I Would Change –

While I really enjoyed this backpack there are a few things I would change or improve on just based on my particular needs.

  • I wish it had an area to slip over a carry-on. This would make traversing an airport or like I was to my hotel room. I was able to set the backpack on the top of my little carry on but left on its own it would topple over which I know may seem like not a huge deal, and it’s not but it is something that I think would be a great convenience especially if I was making my way through a busy airport.
  • I did run into that familiar pull on the top of my shoulders that makes it feel like I being dragged down, and while adjusting the straps helped it still seemed to rest too low on the lower back. This backpack is longer than my current bag, so it sits low on my back, so my laptop dragged it down which pulled on my shoulder, I had my 6’3″ hubby try it out fully loaded, and he had no issues, so it might just be me.
  • Wish it had a bigger space for my camera. I try and minimize the number of bags I carry with me and while I do have a dedicated camera bag I like to take everything in one bag less to cart around during events, so I kinda wished this had a somewhat dedicated area for my camera body and lens.

Overall, like I said and will continue to say that the things that I would change are not a deal breaker for me, and I would highly recommend the Divisadero.

You can check out the Divisadero for yourself at Acme Made currently for sale for $130.

About Acme Made

ACME – “The point at which something is best, perfect, or most successful.”

“Inspired by the picturesque city of San Francisco, Acme Made was founded in 2002 with the purpose of creating contemporary, functional, and beautiful protective sleeves and bags for electronic devices. Designed to protect your gear and complement your personality and lifestyle, Acme Made has grown to be loved in markets around the world.”


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