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Upgrading Your Travel Experience: Making Your Trips As Comfortable as Possible

Sure, traveling as a student or someone in your early twenties can be an extremely cheap experience. Budget flights, questionable transport links and shared rooms in hostels mean that almost anybody can afford to open their eyes to the world around them. But as you get a little older, chances are that you don’t want to sleep top to toe with a complete stranger, re-wear the same pair of clothes for days in a row to cut down on luggage allowances, and spend hours on an overheated coach just because it’s a few dollars cheaper than the train. So, here are a few travel tips to ensure that any trip you take is as comfortable and pleasurable as possible!

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Prioritise Your Accommodation

Too many people have the mindset that they’re not going to spend all too much time in their accommodation so might as well go for the cheapest option possible. While hostels have their merits, a hotel, apartment or B&B is likely to prove much better. Think about it: you will have some privacy, and you are also less likely to experience problems with other guests. You can change your clothes out of the eyesight of others. You won’t have others around while you’re sleeping and vulnerable. You also won’t have to worry about anyone else having free access to your belongings. Remember that when you pay to stay in a dormitory, you never know who you’re going to be shacking up with. You might find yourself with a well-meaning group who happen to be in a party mindset. You’re not going to get much sleep with drinks and music flowing in the same room as you. You might happen to really dislike the people you’re sharing with. It might simply turn out that someone in the dormitory snores extremely loudly. With shared space come multiple problems. You should also bear in mind that you don’t need to stick to the same accommodation for your entire trip. If you know you’ll be moving around, book your accommodation to move with you. Say you’re in Calgary. Book a room at Wingate By Wyndham Calgary Airport for when you arrive and when you’re going to leave. You can then book alternative accommodation closer to your booked activities for the dates in between.

Take Your Time

When you’re traveling, take your time. We are so used to cramming absolutely everything into the short time we’re away that often we can’t even enjoy anything to its full. We dash from one attraction to another and merely end up with plenty of activities ticked off our bucket list but no real experience of them. So, take your time. Whether this means staying in your destination for a longer period of time, or merely accepting that you can’t fit everything into the one trip and might have to save a few activities for the next time you visit. Remember that a few astounding experiences are much preferable to multiple things that you’ve skipped over without due attention.

These are just a couple of ways that you can change your travel mindset in order to make things more comfortable and pleasurable in general. They’re simple to put into practice, so try them out on your next trip!

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