Urban Cultivator – Grow Greens Year-Round

Urban Cultivator

The Urban Cultivator is said to make growing your own fresh greens hassle free with their easy to use Hydroponics system. I will be honest when I first saw this I was excited because my husband and I just recently moved from an apartment and into our first home and having our own hydroponics system was something we had talked about wanting to study and possibly build ourselves. This will make the task  a lot easier.

Hydroponics: ” The process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil.”

The Urban Cultivator is ideal for those that wish to have fresh veggies and herbs even if they live in area without access to a backyard or live in an area prone to bad weather conditions or just simply want to save on their food bill by growing your own.

The cultivator comes in two different styles:


The Urban Cultivator is a computer-controlled hydroponic growing system for herbs and vege...

Images Via: urbancultivator.netgizmag


The commercial version of the Urban Cultivator, known as the Commercial Cultivator

Images Via: urbancultivator.netgizmag

From what I have read another advantage to having a cultivator aside from the added benefits of having fresh herbs to cook with or fresh veggies to eat is that you can use it as a regular garden and give your flowers a boost.

Garden enthusiasts will love the ability to start off your plants indoors, even long before the growing season starts. Your plants will grow bigger once they’re outside because of the head start they got on the growing season. Plus, with a controlled indoor environment you can start “picky” plants indoors to ensure they will flourish outside.

The Costs

The kitchen version meant for use in homes and offers a variety of butcher block top and door styles costs $2,200.

The commercial version meant to help restaurants lower their spending on vegetables and herbs costs $6,000.

What are your thoughts?

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