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Visiting Missouri? Your Questions Answered…

There are many reasons why you should visit Missouri, from the plethora of wineries to the scenic Arcadia Valley. You can be guaranteed of a vacation to remember. However, with so many options to choose from, planning your trip can be a little bit overwhelming. Read on to discover answers to some of the pressing questions you may have about your upcoming visit.


When is the best time to visit Missouri?

There are three seasons in Missouri. The peak season is from June until September. You can expect hot and long summers in Missouri. Although temperatures rarely go above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it can feel a lot hotter than it is because of the humidity. October, as well as April through to May, can be described as the off-season. This is a pleasant time to visit the state, although you can expect heavy rainfall and tornadoes during May and April, so please bear this in mind. October is a bit drier than those two months. Finally, from November to March is the shoulder season. Winters are relatively dry and cold in Missouri. You can expect some snow and subfreezing temperatures, particularly in the northern part of the state.

Where should I stay when I visit Missouri?

There are so many accommodation options to choose from in Missouri. This includes everything from luxury hotels and historic bed-and-breakfasts to riverside resorts and forest lodges. You will also find well-known hotels like the Holiday Inn Express & Suites West Plains Southwest, which are suitable for those seeking something more affordable so they can spend the rest of their money on exploring the state itself. You can also find hostels for those backpacking and budget accommodation too. If you are traveling to Missouri for business purposes, it is probably of no surprise to you that the cities are best. St. Louis and Kansas City, in particular, are popular with business travelers.

What are the restaurants like in Missouri?

There are some great places to dine while you are in Missouri. From 1950s-style diners to steakhouses, it is of little surprise that American food is dominant here. However, a lot of the towns will have a number of Indian, Chinese, and Tex-Mex options. If you go into the cities, you will have every type of cuisine imaginable, from farm-to-table fusion cuisine to tapas Spanish bars. If you go out into the deep countryside of Missouri, however, you can expect it to be pure Americana all of the way.

Where are some of the best places to visit during my stay?

One of the great things about Missouri is that there is literally something for everyone. Missouri Wine Country is home to dozens of wineries. You also have the scenic Arcadia Valley, which includes places like the Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site, Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, and Elephant Rock State Park. Other places worth a mention include Cape Girardeau, the Harry S. Truman National Historic Site, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Rocky Ridge Home, and, of course, the Ozark Mountain Region.


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