Who Is Your Favorite Monster? #TampaMonsterJam

They’re HERE! The monsters are coming. The silence of the night will be broken this Saturday by the screams of thousands as Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida release the monsters of Monster Jam. This is an event that our family would not miss. Every year, we find our selves waiting for the calender to roll around to the annual Monster Jam.
Max D at World Finals

Every year they entertain us with two power packed shows with big names such as Grave Digger and Max D. The world’s premier monster truck series returns to Raymond Jams Stadium for two shows: January 17th and February 7th. It is rated as one of the top events for the stadium with more than 100,000 fans flooding the stadium between the two showings. There are 32 Trucks with 16 different truck teams per show. They will compete in side by side racing and the all time favorite freestyle competition. It is always exciting to see what trucks will make it to the end!

Trucks that will be included in the showings are Maximum Destruction, Grave Digger, Zombie, El Toro Loco, Avenger, Monster Energy, Lucas Oil Crusader, Monster Mutt, and a local crowd favorite, female driver Former 3 time Women’s Championship Wrestler Debrah Miceli’s Madusa living in Homasassa Fl and owner of Koolkats and Hotdogs Inc. in Lecanto fl. Check out there face book page HERE! On the 7th of February you can expect Grave Digger and Son Uva Digger (Dennis Anderson’s Son Ryan Anderson), Hot Wheels, Rottweiler, Captains’s Curse, NEA, Gunslinger, Ice Cream Man, and another female driven truck Monster Mutt Dalmatian.

Monster Jam_Monster Mutt


If you wish to join the fun, check out the following:

  • Ticket Prices             Advance purchase SuperValue Tickets are ONLY $15.  $100 Total Access VIP Meet &
  • & Purchase:               Greet / $40 Center Club / $35 Club Sideline / $25 Corners / $20 End Zones. Fans can purchase a Two-ShowPass, see both all-different shows from the same seat, and receive 20% off. Tickets are on sale now at, by phone at 800-745-3000, or at a Ticketmaster retail location. Tickets will also be available at the Raymond Stadium Box Office starting December 29th.  All seats reserved.  Subject to $2.75 facility fee, plus convenience and handling charges.  Don’t wait – buy tickets in advance as prices go up $5 more the day of the show.  Get more show information at (click on “Tickets” and search for Tampa January 17th and February 7th).

The event is official titled  Metro PCS, Circle K, 1-800-Ask-Gary and Your Southern Ford Dealers Present MONSTER JAM. Brought to you by Dairy Queen and BKT Tires.

Fans can meat the drivers before the show, get autographs and photo ops. They will also have the opportunity to see the trucks up-close at the Party In the Pits before both shows from 1:30 to 5:00 PM. No you don’t get to drive one…. Least I know they will not let me, but you can ride one if you visit a local Circle K and obtain a Ride Pass. This with a valid event ticket will get you a chance to ride a real Monster Jam ride truck. This is first come, first served.

For more information on Monster Jam, please log onto  To follow Monster Jam on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram log on to and and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at

Want a taste of whats to come, Check out the Vid below of the World Finals XV:

We will get to be a part of the fun, I hope to see ya there. For Fun, check out these fun facts of Raymond Jams Stadium’s Monster Jam:

  • A crew of eight works 18-20 hours a day for three straight days to construct a monster truck course. Work begins at 8 AM ON Wednesday, January 14th.


  • Field conversion in Tampa will begin by covering the entire surface of turf at the Raymond James Stadium with a wall-to-wall protective polyurethane product. Each sheet of product is 20’ long, 5’ wide and ¼” thick, and weighs 130 pounds.  The work team uses a carpet pulling device to make a tight seal above the turf.


  • Then, dirt is added. It is not uncommon for dump trucks to make more than 200 trips to deliver the dirt to each stadium.  In Tampa, approximately 300 truckloads of dirt are anticipated to cover the field annually recognized as one of the NFL’s best playing surfaces!


  • Monster Jam owns dirt in almost every city it visits. Average amount of dirt used per stadium track is 3,500 cubic yards.  Each year 700,000 cubic yards of dirt are used to put on Monster Jam events.


  • Once the dirt has arrived, workers will construct the track. First, they lay an 8”-thick base.  Then, using a computer designed track map, they begin sculpting the obstacles.  The Raymond James Stadium track is approximately 230’ wide by 360’ long.


  • Workers are committed to a no-dust policy. Water trucks are on standby with up to 2,000 gallons of water for use in keeping dust to a minimum.  Twenty-five rolls of plastic are on standby; in the event of rain, workers will cover the entire track.


  • Once the 2nd Tampa Monster Jam event ends on Feb. 7th, the dirt move-out process starts immediately. All dirt and field protection product is generally completely removed within 20 hours after the Monster Jam event concludes.  By Sunday evening or Monday morning, the massive man-made dirt track is gone, and the stadium will be returned to the same condition as it was in prior to the event.


  • Track “shapers” are considered the best in the world at what they do and are skilled construction equipment operators. When not shaping tracks during the Monster Jam season, most return to their hometowns to work in construction.

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