Back To School Supply Kit From The Write Stuff

I remember when it was time for to go back to school from vacation, my mom taking the list to the store to try to find everything I needed for my School Supply Kit. However, when i went back there was a chance that I had forgotten something from the list and would have to do without until we made it to the store again.

Now my little will be starting school in August… he is excited but I am severely nervous. I want to make sure he gets all of the supplies he needs. The Write Stuff is here to help parents like us make sure we get the correct supplies we need.

The Write Stuff was established in 1989 as members of a local PTA organization tried to help students & parents obtain the right school supplies. Its goal was to provide a “kit” which included all the items identified for each grade level’s supply list that is provided by the school.

The Write Stuff grew from that service project into a service oriented company that works with school parent organizations from coast to coast.

Providing brand name school supplies, in pre-packaged supply kits that can be shipped to school, home or office for busy parents is our specialty.

One thing I noticed last year was how crowded the store was. It looked like a hurricane had made its way through the aisles, kids crying…because they didn’t want to back to school, parents struggling to grab up the last package of glue sticks, rulers and #2 pencils on the shelves. Generally the store will put the school supplies in these huge bins down the middle of the aisles which makes it even more difficult because you have to stand there and dig through the other stuff people have thrown in. The Write Stuff makes the process easy. You select your state, your city and school and you are provided with a comprehensive list of supplies on the list for your school.

Here is what my Back To School Supply Kit looked like:

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